New Beginnings

2016 has arrived and the head counselors are preparing for the summer, when suddenly, a knock comes from the front door. Opening the door, they look down and find a basket covered with a blanket on their front doorstep. Looking up, they see a stork wearing an Amazon delivery hat, flying off into the distance. Anthony picks up the card labeled “Congratulations!” and reads it to Eray.

Congratulations Anthony and Eray! 

WMACS 2015 was a huge success and we hope for WMACS 2016 to be bigger and better. With that in mind, we have provided you two with the means to hopefully make WMACS 2016, bigger and better. Take good care of him.

P.S. He has been potty trained for your convenience ;)

Raising the blanket, the two of them are rattled by the smell of a poop that accompanied a smiling face looking up at them. And there he was, the new head counselor – Michael Chang.

Typically, there is a Q&A session that follows when new people are added to the team, but Michael is still learning to talk. We will have him ready by the summer. For the time being, here is a picture of him (he grew fast):