Summer is just around the corner! To all you studious students out there: Stay strong during the last stretch of the school year, and if the stress of exams starts weighing down on you, think happy thoughts (like puppies, ice cream, and WMACS)!

If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at the 2015 Counselors page and find out who this year’s WMACS counselors are. We’ve got a really awesome group of people who do some pretty awesome things, so if you’re ever bored and have some spare time, feel free to sift through the counselor bios and learn more about them. The counselors are all super duper excited to start planning out the most epic WMACS ever!

As camp gets closer, make sure to check the WMACS blog every so often for camp news, sneak peeks, counselor shenanigans, and more cool stuff. We’ll be updating it periodically to help fuel the PCE (as if the campers need help with that though). Less than three months left until WMACS! GET PUMPED.

P.S. PCE = Pre-Camp Excitement. Are you excited yet? Yes? YES.


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