Last Days: Last Day of Classes, SkitTalent, Affirmations and more

Well, we finished WMACS 2014!


The last couple of days passed with a blur, starting with the last day of classes. Dance classes and folk sports practiced one last time through the choreography, and as did Chorus with singing 朋友 and 風箏. In Arts and Crafts, the older campers finished up their paper lanterns while younger campers made hangings of 春. For Topics class, campers shared their impressions of and the impact that WMACS has had on them with messages on a large group poster.

Then teams had their last competition together with the “Handle with Care” activity. We had so much fun taping ridiculously silly items, like pool noodles, flipflops and yoyo sticks, to camper’s hands for this activity! With these items as handicaps (get it??), teams relay-raced against another team or completed challenges at one of four stations.

The Chang brothers (Michael and Chris) then presented one of the best WMACS SkitTalent shows ever! They had us all in stitches with jokes, games and dares in the midst of some amazing performances by individual and group performers alike.

For the last day, rehearsal took up the morning before campers got to collect on their pie and water balloon prizes; poor Eray, LJ and Allison definitely had to clean up afterwards! The afternoon had campers split into two groups; the older campers went through a series of Affirmations on self confidence and younger campers got to wind down with a visit to Frostburg’s Discovery Center and a mini-affirming movie (aka Wreck-it Ralph). That ended with an early dinner so that campers and counselors alike could get ready, take pictures and dance the night away!

With the awards and dancing to wrap up the last night of camp, all there was left was to pack up camp onto the trailer and three buses the next morning and to head to the showcase at TECRO!

It’s been a blast serving as media for WMACS these past couple of weeks! Thank you all for the love and welcome I’ve received coming to the WMACS for the first time. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures that have been posted here or are going up on Facebook!

Signing off for now!