Day 4 & 5 Photos: General Silliness, B.I.O., Volleyball & Nightmarket!

We’re more than halfway through camp! :O

Classes continued with campers moving onto trickier things in folk sports and arts & crafts, and memorizing their parts in the two dance classes. In Chorus, each group of campers finished practicing Peng You with one last rousing run through in class and finally learned the entirety of Feng Zen. They’re almost ready to perform!

After classes on Tuesday, campers got to Brawl It Out against the counselors! A new event for WMACS, campers rotated their way through eight games like Around the World, Tilt a cup, Jenga and Ready Spaghetti, which stacked the 19-person teams in relays against pairs of counselors. Campers may have gotten the short end of the stick in some of the games, but everyone had a lot of fun! (and counselors were plenty tired of their games!) We shall see how the groups scored compared to each other!

After dinner, it was time for the yearly volleyball tournament in which each team fielded a 6 person volleyball team that played in round-robin style before entering the tournament bracket. In the end, LJ and Terry’s team won!

After classes on Wednesday, there was Nightmarket in the Lane Center, which lasted both the afternoon and evening session! As it is every year, campers wandered between stations in which they paid tickets to play games for the chance to win even more tickets back. This year, though everyone started at 20 tickets and paid 1-5 tickets per game, campers played so much that there ended up being over 8,000 tickets in circulation at the end, allowing for some spirited bidding for things like the chance to pie counselors or a date with any counselor of the camper’s choice!

On we go with Day 6 and the last day of classes!