Day 3 Photos: More Classes and TAAAR!

Whew, what a day! It was an exhausting day full of classes followed by the yearly team challenge of The Amazingly Awesome Amazing Race! (Better known at camp as TAAAR!)

Continuing classes, there was folk sports where the teacher followed up yesterday’s chinese yo-yo/diablo lesson with a fun group-level jump rope activity/ competition. Similarly, today’s Arts and Crafts focus was learning different kinds of Chinese knots for cute bracelets, keychains or awesome little men. In folk dance, Teacher Lin has been teaching the classes choreography to recent pop songs like 牛仔很忙 by 周杰倫, while in modern dance, the campers have started pairing choreography to songs like the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas!

After classes, all campers met in front of the Main Gym to get introduced to TAAAR! This year’s version was eight stations placed about the dorms, Cords, at the dining hall and clocktower. At these stations, teams were presented with group challenges of varying degrees of difficulty, like navigating a mat (on which stood the entire team) through a marked path, getting through a narrow corridor of lasers (in twos and threes), or creating an egg-drop enclosure while various members were handicapped in certain ways (BG12, we hope you used the opportunity to speak for BG56 well!). And from those challenges, depending on how well each team did, they earned Bronze, Silver or Gold levels of additional clues for the overarching crossword and Sudoku.

Hurray for ramen 消夜!