Day 2 Photos: First Day of Classes, Water Games, Dodgeball and more!

With the first full day of camp, camper started taking the six classes that they have for the week! The classes were organized with every BG group pair rotating together through Folk Dance, Folk Sport, Modern Dance and Yoga, Chorus, Arts and Crafts, and Topics.

In Yoga and Modern Dance, campers were introduced to not only hip hop by Counselor Eddy but also concepts and techniques of stretching associated with yoga by Counselor Terry! In Chorus, campers played a few icebreakers and then started learning at least one of the three songs planned for this week’s lessons plans! In Topics, Counselor Darrell started the conversation with campers on their personal meaning for WMACS camp, some of the similarities between themselves as people and as Asian Americans (mostly), and wrapped up with the decoration of paper bags as their personal mailboxes.

In the afternoon, with the potential of rain proven wrong, water games were played out on the field. Campers rotated around pelting through a challenging obstacles course, racing another team to fill a bucket with sponges (it wasn’t as simple as it sounds!), and trying to pelt counselors after running about a dizzy bat, all of which counted towards earning points for their teams! After all teams competed at all the stations, the afternoon predictably evolved into an all-out water and water balloon fight in which over A THOUSAND WATER BALLOONS lasted only all of about 10 minutes!

To cap the day, campers competed in an exciting dodgeball tournament between all the teams after dinner. Once a couple rounds to determine the seeding of the initial rounds were played out, each team played to tag out every camper on their opposing team, with 4-5 campers playing on each side at a time. In several nail-biting, final-round games, a couple of MVP campers pulled through from being 2+ vs 1 to be last camper standing!