Day 1 Photos: Check in, Bus Fun and some Orientation!

It’s WMACS 2014! It was an eventful Day 1!

After meeting at TECRO, we departed for Frostburg State University with three buses but because of engine troubles with Bus #2, only made it there with two! That meant groups BG3 & 4′s arrival was set back over an hour later than planned but thankfully they still made it in time to settle in and get dinner with all of camp!

With orientation kicked off with introductions and camp rules (set to amazing songs by the talented Brian and Eddy), the campers were split into their teams to engage in ice breakers facilitated by their counselors so that they would be familiar with their 19-person team. Once the teams were introduced, all-camp games like Man Overboard and Leg Tag were played, tiring everyone out as we ran about through all of the gymnasium! The night ended with the counselors (and B6) taking all of the campers through ‘Miao Miao Miao’ and then some late night snacks back at the dorms!

PS: Hurray for better food this year! (hopefully)

Off we go to Day 2!